House Divided Living Room Rug Custom Husband Name, Wife Name And Teams, Sport Home Decorations, Sport Gifts EHIVM-53726


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    Ex: Johnson

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    *★ I1: Choose Your Team 1

    *★ I1: Choose Your Team 1

    *★ I1: Choose Your Team 1

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    Ex: Boston Celtics

    ★ T1: Custom Name 1(Husband Name)

    Ex: Mr. Brown

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    *★ I2: Choose Your Team 2

    *★ I2: Choose Your Team 2

    *★ I2: Choose Your Team 2

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    Ex: Los Angeles Lakers

    ★ T2: Custom Name 2 (Wife Name)

    Ex: Mrs. Brown

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The product consists of a mixture of cotton and polyester. The printing quality is HD and will not fade. It also has breathable, washable, antistatic, anti-pilling, anti-fading, and hypoallergenic features. In addition, it has environmentally friendly dying technology which will not peel or crack when it is washed.
By using a special printing technique that deeply connects the inks to the fibers of the fabric, your designs are bold, rich, and vibrant with extremely good details.

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